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You can buy wholesale directly from us! Wholesale direct customers benefit from:

🍃 Big discounts off our retail prices

🍃 Low minimum orders and no minimum case size - mix & match any patterns you like

🍃 Free shipping for UK retailers

It's easy to apply for a Wholesale Account. Click the button, tell us a little bit about yourself and we'll do the rest!

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You can also find our wraps through our wholesale partners (with some deals for new customers!)

Would you like to have your own-brand food wraps?

Do get in touch - we regularly 'white label' our sets for shops who would like their own logo, brand and website on the label.

There is no minimum order to have your own-brand food wraps. 

The cost to have your own label on our wraps is the same as our wholesale prices, plus the cost of your bespoke labels. We can offer a discount for orders of more than 100 sets. 

As an example of the label cost: 100 labels are 21p each and 50 labels are 38p each.

Drop us a message below and we'll respond shortly.

Wholesale and Own-Brand Enquiries