100% Handmade Award-Winning Beeswax Food Wraps

for cheese | for sandwiches | for bread | for leftovers

Our beeswax food wraps are unique! They're all hand-cut and hand-waxed by us (no machines, not even little ones), national award-winning, with 3,400+ 5* Etsy reviews, pine resin-free (some people are allergic), jojoba oil-free and Certified Food Safe.


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Looking for a truly special, completely handmade, unique, eco-friendly keepsake for your wedding guests, or a stand-out corporate gift? Choose from 9 patterns and even customise the label on our reusable beeswax food wraps with your own special message!

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps 100% Hand Made in the UK with Love shown in the Autumn Swifts collection for Christmas. Folded as a snack bag.

Our beeswax wraps are certified food safe

100% handmade by us with 3,400 5* reviews, our award-winning beeswax food wraps are certified food safe, with No pine resin (an allergen) or jojoba oil (used in cosmetics but not FDA- or FSA-approved for food). They’re also very pretty, if we do say so ourselves!

We also use only STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified 100% cotton, which are tested for harmful substances like lead, mercury or arsenic (yuck!). See our test results and certification.

Our wax wraps are a compostable and biodegradable, sustainable, eco-friendly zero-waste alternative to plastic wrap.

They work simply using the warmth of your hands and last up to a year or more. Wrap your sandwich for an eco-friendly lunchbox, use for bread, for cheese, to cover bowls and keep leftovers fresh.

Not only are they eco-friendly in your kitchen, they're made with 100% green electricity and are packaged and sent without plastic. Basically, they're green from start to finish! Read more about our business and how we started.

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