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Don’t throw away your cereal bags and pouches: upcycle them!

We have our Auntie Ann to thank for opening our eyes to the reusability of those non-recyclable inner cereal bags that leave cereal lovers with no sustainable way to enjoy their breakfast treats.

Auntie Ann is an environmentally friendly marvel who has for decades shopped locally, limited her plastic use and found ways to reuse what she can’t recycle.

When we recently sent her some of our beeswax food wraps, she was ever-so thankful, but confessed that she’s already got a way to steer clear of single-use plastic. She saves her cereal bags and uses them instead of zip bags or cling film. Great idea or what?

And if you buy anything in those zip-top pouches (also not recyclable), they work great because they’re resealable.

So until kerbside recycling catches up, you can reuse your cereal bags and pouches over and over.

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