Gift wrapped using beeswax wrap

10 surprising uses for beeswax wraps that you may not have thought of

Many of us are familiar with how useful beeswax food wraps are around the kitchen, as sandwich wraps, keeping bread and cheese fresh, covering bowls and dishes or storing those little bits and bobs left over from cooking. But there are lots more ways that wax wraps can replace single use plastic!

1. Extend the life of your bananas

Bananas ripen by giving off ethene, and much of that is released through the stems. Scrunch a wrap over the stems to keep bananas from going brown too fast.

2. Your best friend for travel

Taking a trip? Wrap your toothbrush, soap, shampoo or conditioner bar! They can be used again and again, are easy to clean and don’t add bulk to your bag.

3. Avoid handbag spills

Pop a little wrap over the top of your moisturiser, suncream, hand gel, etc. to keep them secure in your bag.

4. Make gift-giving extra special and eco-friendly

Beeswax wrap as gift wrap

Most gift wrap isn’t recyclable, so use a lovely wax wrap for small gifts instead, and give two gifts in one! Plus, no tape is needed. 


5. Piping bags for icing

Use a large wrap to ice your cake! Fold one corner of the wrap, turn the wrap over so the fold is on the outside. Place the piping nozzle on the new folded edge and gently roll the wrap into a cone, making the top wider than the bottom. Plus, wax wraps have the advantage of being easier to clean than reusable piping bags – simply unroll and wash with a soft sponge, cool water and a little dish soap.

6. Keep floral gift bouquets fresher

A wrap folded around the bottom of your bouquet will keep the stems from drying out. Add a wet paper towel for some added moisture. And of course, the recipient will get a gorgeous wrap as well as flowers.

7. Open stubborn jars

Beeswax food wrap used to open jar

Don’t get rid of knackered wraps just yet. Keep one in your utensil drawer. They are great for giving just enough oomph to open stuck lids (new wraps work for this, too).

8. Snack bags

With a little simple folding, your wax wrap can become a sealable reusable snack bag. There are lots of quick videos about how to make one. Use them for nuts, dried fruit, cut veggies, biscuits or whatever tickles your snacking fancy.

9. Wrap your dog Kongs

Kongs are those chewable dog toys that can be filled with food or treats. Instead of cling film or foil, seal a reusable wrap over the open end to keep the food from leaking out. Wax wraps can be used in the fridge and freezer, too, so you can fill them ahead of time and pop one in your bag for walkies.

10. Use as bookmarks

Wax wraps make perfect book marks! They’ve got a tiny bit of stickiness against the paper but won’t leave a residue or mar the page, so they don’t fall out, even when travelling. Cut a wrap into little strips and fold over your pages. We use them in our cookbooks to mark favourite recipes (much neater than using slips of paper or Post-It notes).

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